Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Coin Scan from a Mint

mint is an industrial facility which manufactures coins for currency. During final stages of production a coin typically moves and rubs against other coins (its like an ocean of coin.)

The Study was done to measure surface roughness and quantify scratch  created during various processes in the production line. As Nanomap-LS can precisely scan  and generate 3D imaging of more than 150X150mm area,  it was used to scan the entire top surface of the quarter. From the scan surface roughness, defects etc. values were calculated.

Pharmaceutical Tablet Imaging and Analysis

Modern commercial drug tablets consist of two basic structural parts: the core and coating layer. The core  contains a mixture of pharmaceutical ingredients with a number of inactive ingredients .In nutshell , a tablet is a mechanical system consisting of various bonded functional and structural parts. The  distribution of  pharmaceutical ingredients  as well as the properties of its coating layers play critical roles in defining its performance as a drug delivery device.

A structural defects can affect the primary therapeutic functions of a tablet. Both structure and defects of a tablet as well as its mechanical properties are closely related to the manufacturing processes employed in its production.

AEP Optical Profilometer was used to study surface roughness and defects of tablets from different batches in production. Defect study was also done before and after simulating transportation of tablets.

Monday, November 15, 2010

AEP Technology starts a blog page

We are starting a new blog to introduce students, users, researchers with new interesting applications and tests we undertake at our headquarters at Santa Clara, CA.

We are looking forward for a response from all the readers.